Our Vision


Our vision, as part of YWAM Vanuatu, is: To serve the people of Vanuatu through relevant training, development and discipleship, so that individuals, communities, and the body of Christ live in the fullness of who God has called them to be.


Out of this desire, we are living, growing, and becoming a community discipled; a gathering of people committed to lives of obedience and engaging on behalf of others- to see God’s fullness outworked in our lives…. Becoming a positive influence, benefiting our communities and societies.


We seek to inspire individuals in relationship with God, cultivating and nurturing growth as each one journeys towards maturity, the ultimate goal- being the likeness of Christ.


This is a life long journey. Living together, within a diversity of cultures, and giftings, we are sharpened in our ability to relate to, learn from, and work with one another.


As we grow, we are strengthened in our commitment to touch the lives of those who do not know God, those in need of His restoration and healing, and in our desire to see His Kingdom penetrating every sphere of society.


Above all, we desire God to glorified… Blessed to be a blessing…



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